Saturday, 24 December 2011


This breakthrough and controversial book teaches men autofellation using Yoga and advanced body mechanics.

Autofellatio is a form of masturbation that men can perform, by themselves, via performing oral sex on themselves. 

This secret and mysterious form of sex and sexual satisfaction is finally available for men with this extremely unique book.

This book is aimed at an intelligent male audience. Penis enlargement, Kundalini, Higher Sexual Consciousness, Occult & Sexual Energy, Pleasure, and similar [auto-] Kama Sutra aspects are included. Simple exercises and stretches are easily outlined for men who wish to discover the ultimate in male orgasmic potential and sexual freedom. 

Aimed at all men desirous of achieving the Ultimate Orgasm: gay, straight, heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual - it doesn't matter. 

Men of any sexual standing can profit from investing into their own self-sufficient sexual potential. 

The ancient techniques of autofellatio are reborn, as men now have the chance to explore, develop, and harness their true sexual and orgasmic potential. 

All men who are interested in changing their lives, from a sexual point of view, are welcome to explore autofellatio. Such techniques have relevance to autocunnilingus, however, this book is written for and aimed at men.